Forum Image Size Guidelines

If you would like to post, you'll need to register. Note that if you have a BCG store account, you'll need a new, separate account here (we keep the two sites separate for security purposes).

If you'd like to post an image to the forum (we hope you will), it needs to follow the guidelines below.

Pixel dimensions:

For horizontal images, no more than 2000 pixels across (let the number of vertical pixels fall where they may). The forum is locked in at 1400 pixels though, so we recommned a comfortable 1200px.

For verticals, you can technically go 2000 pixels wide as well, but we recommend 800 ~ 1200 wide - it just seems to look nicer and helps keep you from approaching the last limit - size.

File Size:

The file size limit is 2MB - usually far more than enough when using the recommended pixel dimensions above. (We have to limit size or our server's hard drive would become overwhelmed in short order).