E-Mail Notifications - PLEASE READ!!

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Hey everyone!
We're running into some issues with our e-mail notifications. Specifically, some members are marking the notifications as spam and some e-mail providers are, in turn, blacklisting and blocking e-mails from the site. If you are getting too many message, please don't mark them as spam or you'll kill off the site. Instead, adjust your e-mails settings under your account preferences, content options area.

This setting is likely the one that's causing excessive mail:

Automatically watch content you interact with…
and receive email notifications

For more info, see this video:




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Is there a way to set up notifications to send me a daily summary versus a notification everytime someone replies


Martin Farrell
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Kind of on this subject I just received this unwanted post!!
Now this is spam, dont know how you can control this rubbish :-(


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In the daily fire-hose of information coming my way, it can take a little bit to notice something amiss. In this case, the weekly digest is something I both like and haven't seen since June 26. The email is aimed at gmail, it was working for quite some time, I'm still subscribed, I haven't changed any settings (until just now) and the messages aren't in spam. I see 49 messages from bcgphotos.com domain over the last year, so it's not like I'm stressing out any infrastructure. I'm guessing that it's more likely something happened on my end, but am out of immediately obvious ideas. Step 1, I guess, is both asking here and whether there was an issue on the generation end. I'm asking here in case some part of this helps someone else.


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What size and type of belt case do you use for your teleconverters? Tried to post on your other website but the verification was not working.
Nice Video on your equipment for the African trip.
Thank you,