Let's hear it for fish-eye lenses...

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This view of El Capitan and Three Brothers is from a somewhat "secret spot" on the valley floor. It's pretty amazing that it enjoys the anonymity that it does given it's proximity to the road that snakes through the valley. But this spot is well hidden from the road and you have to know where to park and which trail to take to get there. I was able to capture both El Capitan and the Three Brothers peaks in one shot by using a Sigma 15mm fish eye lens; normally to get this shot one would have to stitch together a pano shot. Also, this exposure was made by combining 5 bracketed shots in Lightroom.

El Cap & 3 Brothers Yosemite.jpg

D5 1/1250 @ f 8.0 ISO 180 Sigma 15mm f 2.8 fish-eye

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Great image! Nice to see a use for my 16mm fisheye. I have never really used it for landscapes, but you have started my mind churning....