Long-Billed Curlew

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I met up for the first time with a bird watching group today, and one guy had a camera with a 600mm plus 1.4 extender. Naturally he got better shots than I did. Being a first timer, I travelled light not knowing what to expect. Still waiting on the 600mm to ship, I brought a newly acquired 100-400 Canon IS II lens, hand held, to see what to expect with image stabilization and such. Shot this in overcast light, 1/1250 sec, f5.6, ISO 350. Eye could have been sharper and I may have over post processed. But was pretty impressed what this lens could do. I popped off several shots stationary...then the bird acted weird and started ruffling it's feathers.....thinking it might fly I got ready....got this one shot as it flew right at me, then landed about 15 feet in front of me. The bird standing in the mud, while sharply focused, was less interesting. Nothing award winning, but for handheld to just go out and test what a new lens with IS can do, I'm pretty happy.
Long-Billed Curlew In Flight.JPG

Long-Billed Curlew.JPG


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Absolutely most action in the first one. It seems that focus has landed on the left wing instead of the eye, sure that happens a lot. f/5.6 provides fine isolation of the bird from the background, so with a few thousand more shots you'll be trained to hit it.