Madera Canyon trip advice

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Gary Dietz

I am planning on going to Madera Canyon area next May, I plan on staying at Santa Rita Lodge for at least nights. Where else do you recommend to go to in the area or in Tucson.



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Hi Gary, Madera Canyon is wonderful. You’ll love it. There are so many great places to hike/bird/photograph in SE AZ. (I live in Tucson)
Check out these sites so that you can begin to plan based on how long you’re there and how far you want to drive.
Any canyon in the Huachuca Mountains (Sierra Vista, AZ) -
Pima County e-Bird -
Santa Cruz County e-Bird -
San Pedro River -

Oh jeez, I could go on and on…but I won’t…don’t worry. You’ll have a great time wherever you go.
If you‘re interested in a guide Jeff Babson is so knowledgeable about all things SE AZ related to all of nature…birds, bats, plants, butterflies, mammals, etc…[email protected] - (520) 488-8551


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Lisa, thanks for the great information, is early May a good time?
You're most welcome. Early May is good...a bit on the tail end for migration. I go by SABO's information regarding migration, etc. Of course, weather certainly plays a big part as well as light. I have friends from CO come down every April (typically mid/end) for birding and we have yet to be disappointed. However, it's really hard to have birding disappointments in SE AZ. Here is the link to SABO's "Five Seasons". - - - - - Would you share where you'd be coming from?


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@SonoranDesert thank you for the links / info above. I'm new to Tucson and this is very helpful. We hiked a little out at Medera canyon about a month or so ago...very pretty area. It looks like I have some reading to do :)

Thanks again,