Much Ado About Nothing...............

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I read all the hype about the Sony A1 and now the Nikon Z9; all the speculation and crystal ball gazing and tea leaves reading while I sit here waiting to hear from Nikon on the cost to bring my 8 year old D7100 back to functionality, (something not right with the shutter release or shutter systems itself) ??? D7100 is my oldest Nikon DSLR in terms of service time having less than 17k shutter actuations, all of them by myself. Have a D850 and D780 with the D850 rapidly catching up to the D7100 in terms of actuations. Have looked at the Z6 II and almost converted, then looked at the matter through a different lens so to speak....I have used the same Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8 non VR lens on all three of my Nikon DSLRs and based on input from the local pro lab who does my enlargements (they tell me that normal viewing distance for a print is double the diagonal of whatever size that print is)...can one really tell the difference as to which DSLR was used to take the shot if everything is the same except only the camera body was changed? I really doubt there would be much if any difference!!! That being said, if I mounted that same Nikkor 24-70 onto a Z6 II or Z7 II or even the new Z9 can the difference be seen? I truly doubt it especially when the dpi is set at 300 and the preferred setting by the pro lab who does my prints. Important note: I am not a wildlife shooter nor a BIF enthusiast. Some ramblings while the turkey is thawing out for tomorrow's food feast.