My favorite farm entrance

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Kathy G

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Both nice but count me in on the first one. I like the more complete canopy of leaves and the tunnel like look of the road in the first image compared to the second with more gaps of sky shining through. I also like the wall like look of the right hand tree trunks in the top image resulting from camera positioning and perspective which reinforces that sense of a tunnel into the colorful trees.

I might even try a crop that leaves out the background to the right and some of the far left hand side of the screen to emphasize that path of color into the image and leading towards that bright spot in the distance. IOW, maybe something along these lines(just a 16x9 crop and a bit of vignette):
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Great shots both of them!
I like this version Dave


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Ah Koos, now you talk my language, the extra height and little bit of sky is icing on a splendid cake😍🤩


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The last one in portrait mode is the one I prefer, showing more the magnificence of those trees and putting more emphasis on tunneling effect of the canopy.


Colors are peaking at one of my favorite spots. A week or so ago I posted an image from this location that I made in 2014, and I've never been able to improve on it since.
I was there again today, and it's coming into color beautifully. I'll work this scene over the next few days to get the best image. It's all about the sun......

Z6 with Nikkor Z 24-70mm F4.

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That is beautiful