New Delkin Black claims no buffer on Z9...

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Ivan Rothman

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I wonder if their "laboratory tests" were just firing frames with the lens cap on. All black frame once compressed has a smaller file size.
I just tested the card again with lens cap on. I got 90 pictures before camera started to stutter. Only slightly better than when shooting regular image.
The camera does still keep on shooting at reasonably rapid frame rate, but with frequent stutter.
I guess practically speaking, you can keep shooting a prolonged action event and get plenty of pictures.
But it bothers me that Delkin would make the claims that they did. I really see no difference in performance at all between the older 128GB Delkin Black and the newer 150GB card.
At least with the new card they are giving some extra GBs and they have significantly reduced the cost of the card from $230 to $180.
If you have the older Delkin Black cards, unless you need more cards, I see no reason to buy the new card

John Navitsky

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argh. they just responded that they'll replace or refund my card. i wrote them back:

I'm interested to understand if the performance I experience is as Delkin expects it. A replacement only makes sense if you feel there is something wrong with my card.

I have not been able to find any combination of settings that allows me to replicate the advertised sustained 20FPS in lossless compressed raw.

i tried fixing my iso, shooting with the lens cap on, shooting at a high shutter speed and low shutter speed.

shooting as low as 1/250 still exhibits the same problem. going down to 1/200s slows the frame rate enough that the rate is sustained (not sure exactly what fps i'm getting, but you can hear it's slower than 20).