Northern Harrier

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Very nice shot. The back wing seems a bit blue . I would do a white bakance or color correction to the wing . I would also reduce the highlights and or darkened the background a bit.


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Nice shot! I agree with birdied; I would darken the background; it is nicely blurred but I think if it were darker, the bird would "pop" more. The BG must have been a ways behind this bird-to get the DOF you did, with both wings in focus and yet blur the BG is terrific.


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Love the Harrier! Separating subject and BG in layers, then you can de-noise and blur the BG and with a mask, you can paint out out part of the blurred layer to give you a nice, popping subject. A gradient layer will also assist.


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Great shot, one I've not gotten yet. :) I would tone down the blue in the wing a bit. I agree on background being a bit darker would be good too.


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Thank you for your critique guys. I can see now how your advise can improve the image. I'll have to learn how to use PS masks & layers. Thanks again for taking the time to give me some advise.


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To blur the background and make it creamy you should have shot at f5.6. to get the bird to pop.