Osprey Feeding

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I like this photo a lot. You really captured a moment in the osprey family.
Almost half of the image is blue sky which detracts from the impact. Try a square crop only as wide as the wingspan. That really brings out the 2 birds facing us, which are very important to the store this photo tells. Can you selectively sharpen them more?
I would get rid of the bottom right bird, which is only a distraction, with contact aware fill. Then your image has much more energy and emphasizes the “incoming” feel.


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Welcome & thank you for your very helpful suggestions. The crop is a no brainer now & really takes it to the next level. The bottom right bird learned how to fly. Would appreciate your additional feedback on the selective sharpening. I selected the Parent with Fish and applied an Unmask Filter with a radius of 2 @ 100%. Sharpening is something I'm still trying to develop an eye for and master a technique.
Since this shot, and with feedback from this Forum, in the future I would strive to shoot faster than 1/2500. Think it would help with the detail on the parent's wings.
Again thank you for your assistance.
210716 Feeding Osprey PaulBCT copy.jpg