Post your "deliberate back shots"

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Cormorant taking off - this was probably one of the most labored take-offs I have ever witnessed :)
Unfortunately the AF locked on the spray instead of the bird but it still works ok. And I know, the A1 and R5 would have stayed on the bird... maybe.



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Sometimes I find what I think are some pretty nice shots of the backs of animals. David Yarrow (yes, I know he now has a shaded reputation associated with animal baiting, but he is still a good photographer and he makes a ton of money on his images) was paid, I think, $150,000 for his print, which is as I understand it, is still popular, of a polar bear walking away with one paw up that makes the only dark spot on the print. It is a nice image. Many people sneer at back-side prints (in particular PSA members) but I always remember that people like David Yarrow do this and it sometimes does work so thanks for posting this. This was shot at a marina on the San Joaquin-Sacramento Delta. For me, the connotation was one of mystery.


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I posted this in "walking around" thread also.
This is a deliberate shot of a Mule deer buck crossing my path in the shrub-steppe the other morning. I wanted to see the rack and determine if I recognize it.
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