Post your "deliberate back shots"

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That's a sweet shot - never easy to shoot in those conditions but you nailed it.
Makes me remember what I like about this hobby, just being out there...
Glad summer is finally winding down, it even rained here yesterday. 🤠


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OK, just about any bird taking off or landing in the water will get me pointing his way. Just the unique wing positions, water splashing, 'running on water', surfing, etc. Here is a cormorant sequence I just couldn't resist... Normally not images that make it past the trash bin, but it is good exercise in exposure and autofocus settings, and tracking.




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We spend so much time talking about eye-AF and where the animal sight should lead for most pleasing results - but now and then the scene calls for a "back shot" so what about we start a thread of deliberate back shots? Pictures that you composed on purpose with the animal facing away because that's what fit the scene.

I'll start

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Hi all. Here is a shot of the ailerons or control surfaces on the wings of a Great Blue Heron. This was taken at the Venice Rookery in Venice, Florida.

D500 w/400 f/2.8
f/2.8, 1/2000 sec, iso 2500




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I did like how this photo shows just how muscular this prime whitetail deer buck is. Also, notice the leaf stuck to the back of his head? I bet he was humiliated when one of the does said "hey, George, what's that on your head?" :)