Post your "deliberate back shots"

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Red-tailed Hawk showing off it's namesake tail, which is actually more orange than anything. Unfortunately the closest it came that day was for this back shot before it drifted out of sight. I took this from my porch balcony so my field of view is a little restricted!

RTH Back.jpg


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When it comes to portrait shots of birds, I almost always prefer a back pose of the bird with the head turned and eye contact. It brings the best colors and textures in a bird IMHO compared to a front facing pose so I deliberately plan for back poses. The Eagle and snake image below is not deliberate but this was a once in a life time opportunity so I kept my camera shutter pressed throughout the 40/45 minute encounter. The tiger cub image was also an opportunistic with some interesting behavior showcased.

Spot Bellied Eagle Owl Chick


Himalayan Monal - The back pose shows off those lovely iridescent colors on the bird
Himalayan Monal.jpg

Short toed snake eagle and and Indian Spectacled Cobra in a stand off
Short Toed Snake Eagle.jpg

Tiger cub sharpening its claws on a tree
Tiger Cub.jpg