Saving Nikon Z7 II User Settings to Memory Card

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Dennis K

New member
Does anyone know how to save their user settings with the Nikon Z 7 II to a memory card? Looks like you can only save them to U1, U2, or U3. I want to be able to save them to memory card if I have to reset all settings or send camera in for repair.

Patrick M

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Supporting Member
I believe with the mark 2’s Save Settings and Load Settings also include the User settings U1-U3. this isn’t the case with the mark 1’s sadly.

Dennis K

New member
Thread starter
Thank you all for responding. I was looking at the wrong menu selection in the Setup Menu. I was looking at "Save User Settings" which saves to U1 or U2 or U3. I now see the Save/Load Menu Settings which will allow me to save to a memory card. Operator error!!! Thank you all for responding so quickly. I'm good to go now!