Some backpack suggestions required after my bad experience (I am not proud of myself!)

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Sorry Nick, i don't think there is a clear answer to your question as it differs between
the kind of plane and wich company your flying with.

But fully loaded i guess it will be hard to get it as carry-on.


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Mindshift Back lite 18L I got it in 2018 and it's tough and will hold my D500 and Tamron 150-600 plus other lenses I have and has a Tripod holder 2 side pockets for water bottles plus it can be swung around to get lens out of bag has waist belt. Check their website they have great videos on how to use bags and what they will hold Mindshift is owned by Think Tank this is quality stuff. I'm in the field a lot over 3 years with this bag no problems zippers work great also comes with waterproof rain cover. My only problem is it can hold so much in all the compartments and pockets it can get heavy