Some Impies

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Great shots and some great captures too. I've titled the fourth shot, "Papa, can you hear me?"

Kathy G

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Superb series Callie! I love the first shot - it really underscores the Impala’s elegance.


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The first one thinks it is a kangaroo, love the reflection in the eye of number 2... and the 5th one is saying "hey mate, watch the eye".

@Kathy G have you found that thesaurus yet? The master strikes again.


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Thanks Kathy and guys. Appreciate.
Kathy, love that beautiful new word. Will have to share it with my son.
Hawkeshead, I will get back to you as I have to find the exif data. If your querie is really about the BG, then the setup will not help you. I fix my BG to my gut feel. I wrote a short write-up yesterday under a post in the first forum, Ruley 74 was the post starter, should you want to look
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