Sony a1 and lenses on Safari in Chobe National Park

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This video came out today and I found it interesting. The guides at Pangolin Wildlife in Africa do some interesting tips and gear reviews. They use it all but primary Canon gear. They sat down with a client who brought the a1, 600f4, 400f2.8, 200-600 on safari.



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I liked the video but boy they have expensive taste! I can't imagine bringing these large pieces of glass to Africa with the weight requirement. As they said, basically they wore the clothes on their back. Just amazing collection of high end glass. Would have liked to have seen more 200-600mm G OSS examples. Thanks, Andrew


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I also saw the video and had already chat with Marco earlier on SafariTalk. He mentioned A1 is a best camera for BIF. It is indeed a very good camera but very expensive. My D850 is 1/3 price and I have 80% BIF-keepers. Well... it doesn't have eye-AF ... :-( And Sony has. And those two lenses are of course, amazing! But if you fly for example to Vic Falls then customs can ask you for a deposite for your treasures ... And maybe (if at all) return it in Zimbabwean dollars ;-)