Too Close? Try A Wildlife Pano Shot!

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Have you ever found yourself too close to your wildlife subject? You go to frame up your critter and discover you’re in way too tight for a useable shot. I know, the opposite problem is far more prevalent, but there are times an animal pops out of nowhere or approaches closer than anticipated – and the next thing you know there’s way too much animal in the viewfinder! This is especially true for prime shooters since there’s no option to zoom.

How can you handle it in the field? Wildlife pano shots! In this video, I’ll cover both how to capture them in the field and how to post-process them back home. Give it a watch – I promise, this technique will come to the rescue one day!


Erik Krig

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This has happened to me on several occasions when working with a big prime and I now set aside a smaller quality zoom that is all set up. Doing it your way is a great option I never thought of.