Top 10 Mirrorless Advantages

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Steve Waycott

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Thanks @Steve. I am balancing precariously on the fence - stick with the D850 as my primary wildlife rig or take the plunge with a Z7ii. One of the things that will help me decide is your real world wildlife photography review of the Z7ii. Any sense of when you expect to have that one ready? Thanks!


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I really like that too - plus the viewfinder is adjusted to my eye with the diopter, so no need to grab my reading glasses every time I want to evaluate a shot - I just check it out in the viewfinder :)
I wear reading glasses and the EVF is a huge benefit for me, too. I also find that my eye never leaves the viewfinder to review images, zoom for close review, change controls, etc. I've gone an entire day without chimping on the rear LCD at all, and I rarely chimp through the EVF. I know the exposure is right, and review is almost only to check focus.