Will we need a new FTZ for the Z9?

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Ad Astra

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Having watched the second teaser for the Nikon Z9 again I noticed something 7 seconds into the video


The photographer is holding a Z9 with the Z 70-200mm. But the front of the camera protudes out no doubt to hold the D6 style battery. So the current FTZ with that tripod mount will it fit or will we get a new FTZ with the Z9? Speculating even more if there is a new FTZ will it just be the shape that differs or could it have better chip in it for faster autofocus?

Alas I don't have any inside info from Nikon just making an observation from the teaser video. Thinking back to when Olympus moved to mirrorless over time they released three lens adapters so maybe a new FTZ is not that crazy an idea.

Patrick M

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AFAIK there is a version 2 of the FTZ in development. Can’t recall where I read it…Nikon Rumors probably.


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I don’t believe the current FTZ will fit on the Z9 due to the tripod mount.