Z8 blacking out randomly - SOLVED

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UPDATE 2: Tamron lenses need updates. Thank you John Navitsky. https://www.tamron.eu/help-center/compatibility#uc-corner-modal-show
UPDATE: Still having the issue, but I realized it looses the f value when it jumps. I hope it's a firmware update to connect to Tamron lenses. So far it's not happening with the Nikon 35mm.
Got my Z8 today, my first mirrorles camera. I got the FTZ II since I only have DSLR lenses. I'm playing around with the Z8 and the Tamron 90mm (full battery), and as I try to focus on something, the camera's screen and viewfinder go dark (underexposed dark, I can see the screen legends), then after trying to focus again , it will suddenly brighten up. If I crank up the ISO, I can see an image, but then it jumps to way overexposed. When it jumps to dark or ultra bright, it sounds like something mechanically moving. Is this a seeting I need to change? Anyone else experiencing this? Thanks
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John Navitsky

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if i recall correctly, tamron has a page where they note compatibility and, probably the fw version needed. i don't remember if the 90mm has tap in compatibility, and if not, i'm not sure how you know the fw version