nikon 400 f4.5

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  1. K


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  2. T

    Trying to decide between 400 2.8 TC and 800 PF + 400 4.5.

    Hello @Steve and everyone, first post on this forum even though I've been reading these threads forever. : ) I'm really torn between purchasing 400 2.8 TC or 800PF+400 4.5. Money is not the issue anymore since I secured the funds for 400 2.8. I mainly shoot wildlife and sports (for sports I...
  3. fcotterill

    Comparison 400mm f2.8S TC and 400mm f4.5S

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  4. sid_19911991

    Nikon Z 400 f4.5 with 1.4x TC vs 500 pf questions!?

    Hi folks, I currently own a Nikon 500 pf that I pair with Z9. I am considering switching to Z 400 f4.5 with 1.4x TC after selling the 500PF. A few Youtube reviews that I have seen suggest that the 400 f4.5 with 1.4x tc in place is considerably sharper than the 500 pf with the added benefit of...