nikon 400mm f2.8 tc

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  1. Matt N

    Which Nikon Prime?

    I’m currently a Canon shooter but I’m not particularly happy with the camera and lenses for wildlife. I have a R6 mark II, RF 100-500, 1.4 extender, and 800 f11. I’m looking for a stacked sensor, higher mp, and better glass, so Nikon sounds like a a good choice, particularly with the...
  2. T

    Trying to decide between 400 2.8 TC and 800 PF + 400 4.5.

    Hello @Steve and everyone, first post on this forum even though I've been reading these threads forever. : ) I'm really torn between purchasing 400 2.8 TC or 800PF+400 4.5. Money is not the issue anymore since I secured the funds for 400 2.8. I mainly shoot wildlife and sports (for sports I...
  3. criegel

    Z9 400mm 2.8 or 600mm 4.0

    I would love to hear your thoughts on selecting between the 400 2.8 with TC versus the new 600 4.0. I am leaning toward getting the 400 2.8 with TC. I am interested in maximizing reach. The 400 will give me 560 at 4.0 with built in TC and 800 at 5.6 with a 2.0 TC if my calculations are right...
  4. fcotterill

    Comparison 400mm f2.8S TC and 400mm f4.5S

    Photography Life
  5. JLT

    Updates on the shipping of Nikon 400mm f2.8 tc

    Hello guys, Can you share when did you order your 400 f/2.8 TC lens? Still waiting? Which Store ? NPS member? Thank you in advance for the replies