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I could not work out why my Nion speedligh worked on my nikon camera but not on my Panasonic G9. Took me ages to work out why
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did you spot he difference. The hotshoe is have a different contact pin layout . well I didn't at first.
so just ordered a
Godox Ving V860III TTL Li-Ion Flash Kit for Olympus/Panasonic Cameras

this having seen on youtube will also trigger the speedlight as a remote flash depending on setup menu
Your Nikon speedlight should work on your G9 in Manual mode (the flash, not the camera). *

That's what the big contact pin is for and it is in the same spot for most cameras (Sony has a different shoe IIRC).

* unless it is a very old speedlight (1980s or older) that uses different voltages... that has a risk of frying the camera.

P.S: the G9 can't use flash in electronic shutter modes.
yes you are correct. The issue I have is when using the nikon speedlight as a wireless remote. It needs the speedlight to be on the G9 camera to eliminate the G9 flash setting.
Now I have a pixel king pro master controller which allows the flash G9 menu light up but not activate this PK master controller

white band in memory shows up the flash setting has contact with PK but not to trigger the PK master

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but it does not work on the G9 however it is programmed. but does on the Nikon sending a wireless signal to a remote Nikon speedlight. it is designed only for nikon systems.

so the answer (I hope) according to a youtube presentation is to get the Godex flashgun ( panasonic verion) as shown previously onto the G9. by going intgo the Godez settings I should hopefully be able to fire the speedlight remotely,
so why go to all this trouble? Manly the advantage of lighting from a different position from the camera

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to power the nikon speedlight the Poxel king setup didn't work triggered from a Godex VB860 111 version. so now waiting for a Godox X1R-N 2.4G TTL Wireless Flash Trigger Receiver which hopefully work the Nikon speedlight remotely
update THE SETUP

tPana G9- gotox V860iii flashgun on hotshoe - group M and A channel 1 to Godox receiver (X1 TTL) with SB900 speedLIght same room works yes line of sight
Pana G9- gotox V860iii flashgun on hotshoe - group M and A channel 1 to Godox receiver (X1 TTL) with SB900 speedLIght wall between does not work

which means it is not a radio signal it sends but an optical wireless signal. a completely different thing.

Think of it this way, one can send a message by semaphore via flags the optical way. Or send the same message using morse code via a radio signal. The semaphore requires line of sight, the radio can be hidden and still works. Both send the same signal but by different methods

If I set up similar but used the Pixel King transmitter and receiver that works even behind a wall using a radio signal.

Hope this explain the difference more clearly

of course the Nikon D810 and Nikon Speedlight SB900 are so old it is not surprising there are issues. the D810 and speedlight together work ok it is when adding new gear between them that breaks the contact and in this case the Godox receiver is not compaible. .

the nikon D810 release date was 2014
The nikon Speed light releae date was 2008
pixel king release date of mine 2012 but designed to work together back in that era

so in photographic terms antique, so can't be expected to accept newer items from a different make

I strongly suspect, having done further checks and tests. it is the Nikon D810 with an out of date MB for new gear as well causing issues

first test shot just after midnight tonight

P1003299 test.jpg
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panasonic G9 - kit 12-60 lens- aperture f22- focal length 36mm-ISO 200 - exposure time 1" for those interested in picture Nikon SB900 with Godox receiver (X1 TTL)

lot of problems to think about, focus being just one. My idea is to photograph a remote flash at night. This time on a flower bed. now back to the drawing board to see how I can improve on this

if anyone has tried the same with success I would be interested
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