On Golden Pond

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Rudy Pohl

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I recently spent part of an evening at one our local wildlife refuges. I never get tired of being there. :)
I was trying out my new 1.4x lens extender for videos and most of the clips were shot with it attached to my 100-500 lens. Many of the ducks were at a distance of 350 to 550 feet from me. I intentionally shot the footage this way to allow me to simulate a low POV which is normally impossible to get at this pond because the banks are so nigh and steep.
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Excellent video Rudy!
I really like how you timed the music to blast off at the same time as the duck just after the 1 minute mark.
You sure have a way to make the audio really work with the video.
Wow! great video. I love the way you make a wid-angle shot then the middle and close. That duck who looks at you and says: "Kria, Kria!" is just excellent :love: 😅
HI Elena,
Thanks very much for your kind remarks. Yes, I too love that Duck who looks right into the camera and says "hello" in Duck language. 😃
Have a great day,
Very nice relaxing video Rudy! Well put together.
Thanks very much, Gary!
I can't believe that I got all those shots and more in the span of just 90 minutes the other evening.
I'm loving the low POV I can get from shooting at a distance with my 500mm plus a 1.4 TC. I hoot in 4K 60p oversampled crop mode so my effective reach is 1,120mm .... I feel spoiled.
I have decided on basic video settings.... but question 120 p vs 60p....... and N log versus SDR....

I will experiment in the month of May....and hopefully learn something! LOL!