Winged Ice Breaker

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I write it on my camera bag, the lens hoods (I have had them fall off before) and my tripod legs (don't ask). So far, I have not lost anything since I started doing this which maybe a good reason to do it yourself. I figure if an honest person finds something I left behind at least they can call me. While out on the trail I have found a couple lens hoods, numerous lens caps and I did see an unattended tripod on an observation deck. Fortunately, the owner of the tripod came rushing back hoping someone had not walked off with his tripod. One of the lens hoods I was able to reunite with the owner via a post on Facebook. It was at a state park and I brought it to the visitor center and the owner saw my post on a local nature page and was able to get it. Had she had a phone number I would have called her instead.
I switched lenses in the bush once and obsessed that I'd put the second lens my back pack. Finally just had to stop pull the pack off and check that I hadn't left the lens on the ground LOL. Very nice of you to track down the owner of the lost gear.
Trumpeter Swan. This shot nearly cost me about a thousand bucks (Cdn, but still :) ). While shooting, sitting in the snow, my glasses kept fogging up (it was abnormally mild after a big snowstorm) so I took them off and set them on top of the snow next to me. A short time later three Hawks flew over and I got up suddently and began to track them, leaving my glasses on the snow. For no known reason, hours later, I left a trail and was near the spot where this shot was taken and found my brain saying, "Oh look some idiot left their glasses...." Gettin' old... LOL
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I wear the croakies neck bungee on my glasses but still forget they are around my neck! Love the shot. I get the sense that it is still cold there:)