Nikon 180-600mm lens ship date

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I ordered on June 22nd via Calumet in Germany and still waiting. They only got so far one wave of deliveries with 20 lenses. It is not known when the next wave will be and how many lenses will be delivered. I understand all the production constraints but I think Nikon has some room for improvement in terms on transparency, communication and planning of the deliveries. Considering how long the lens was on the road map a huge demand was to be expected. I have been shooting nikon for more than 20 years and this will not make me change my very positive feeling about the brand, but everything is perfectible and I hope they´ll get better in the future. For now, we wait...
Spoke to a Nikon rep and local store owner today. Their collective story was that all of the pre-orders should be filled within 45 days, for whatever that's worth. Certainly, that reason for optimism, if true, though I'll reserve judgement until I'm holding that baby wrapped in the Shamwow "case".
That basically ties into what I've heard both here and elsewhere, that there's going to be one big (well...relatively...) shipment a month. That said, with my store still being at 0 lenses, I'm not filled with confidence on that one. I just don't know how accurate the reps info is, and obviously the store owners probably don't know more than the reps (generally, I'm sure some do).

Europe seems to have gotten plenty more than needed, which also makes me concerned about lens releases here in the US, since we're already way behind (but in europe, people can order them from amazon already and get them in a trickle).
Just got an email from B&H this morning. No estimate on when they'll get the lens in stock. I ordered mine June 22. Maybe I'll have it by 2025.
If you don't get yours in this week's shipment, almost certainly yours will be in the next. Historically, the big push is day one with a smattering of orders the next two days, and someone has already reported a 6/21 order is shipping.
I, too, was first on my "local camera dealer's" list, and mine arrived on Monday. When they called they said they had only been able to fill NPS orders up until then.
Well, as far as I know I was actually the first on the list, nps or not. They've gotten 0 lenses, according to them, and I'm on great terms with them. I think at least one nps person ordered straight from nikon that lives around here, might have been 2. I haven't heard about the second one.

And I know NPS would get them ahead of me, that's not my core issue with the shipping. My issue is the store has gotten 0 to date.
This seems to be a pretty rare event, that B&H is shipping before some of the local stores. Best wishes to everyone still waiting. Hopefully next week.
Just curious, does anyone here ever order direct from Nikon USA’s website?
I have done that in the past but for expensive items I prefer buying through a retailer. I’ve had problems with the Nikon USA online store (orders cancelled mistakenly, credit card processing issues, etc.)

For accessories, when I can’t find them elsewhere, I buy through Nikon USA.
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